CISCO Cybersecurity
Deep Learning Course

Real hard course for professionals in cybersecurity and IT specialists, working wit CISCO devices. Deep dive in theory and practice.

Exclusive course with 40% of theory and 60% of practice.

Основна мета курсу - дати поглибленні знання з 12 основних тем для забезпечення функціонування корпоративних систем на найвищому рівні безпеки.

Our courses will be holded online twice per week with additional homework.

To be admitted to the course you should be good in:
► network fundamentals knowledge
► security fundamentals knowledge

Athors and trainers of the course:
► Olexii Baranovskyi, Ph. D., CISSM, CHFI, CEH
► Vyacheslav Sinkov, Cybersecurity Architect (CCNP-S, CEH)

The payment can be done with invoice.
If you have any questions, please send us email: [email protected]


12 January


2,5 months

Available places

20 places

Price (without VAT)


Course program

Module 1 Network attacks
  • Spoofing, scanning, sniffing (HTTP, SMTP), MiTM
  • ICMP/DNS/HTTP tunneling
  • Protocol and service enumeration
  • SSL spoofing DHCP threats: starvation, rogue DHCP, DHCP-hijacking
  • Application access attacks detection: direct and reverse password attack, vulnerability exploitation (RCE, Injections)
  • Password attacks detection
  • EternalBlue detection
  • SQL-Injection detection
  • ICMP/DNS tunneling detection
  • DNS tunneling detection
Module 3 Wireless Security
  • Detection and analysis of WiFi Networks
  • Acquiring WiFi data
  • Detection evil-twin device
  • Rogue access point
  • WEP, WPA, WPS attacks
  • Detection of deathentication, deauthorisation
Module 4 Network Threat Detection and Responce
  • Application access attacks detection: direct and reverse password attack, vulnerability exploitation (RCE, Injections)
  • Password attacks detection. EternalBlue detection.
  • SQL-Injection detection
  • ICMP/DNS tunneling detection
  • DNS tunneling detection
  • Additional network threats: DNS DGA
Module 5 Securing Networks with Cisco Next-Generation Firewall
  • Cisco Appliances Overview
  • Cisco Firepower System Components and Features
  • Introducing the Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC)
  • Deploying Cisco Firepower Managed Devices
  • Cisco Firepower Discovery
  • Implementing Access Control Policies
  • Security Intelligence
  • File Control and Advanced Malware Protection
  • Next-Generation IPS
  • Network Analysis Policies
  • Detailed Analysis Techniques
  • System Administration
  • Troubleshooting
Module 8 Email Security
  • SMTP description: format, statuses, MTA agents
  • Email headers: general, additional
  • Email security: SMTP over TLS, PGP etc.
  • Email SPAM protection mechanisms: SPF, DKIM, DMARC
  • Email additional protection: IP-addresses black-lists, domain reputation, greylisting, SRS, VERP, BATV, DGA detection
Module 9 Web Security Fundamentals
  • SQL Injections: error based, blind, double blind (time based)
  • Function, code, command injections, etc., file inclusions, unrestricted file uploads
  • Session attacks: session fixation, session predicting, session hijacking
  • XSS and CSRF. Clickjacking. Authentication vulnerabilities: enumeration, password attacks.
  • Authorization errors: function/object access. Parameter tampering.
  • Burp Suite.
Module 10 Advanced Web Security
  • XML attacks: reconnaissance, XML-poisoning, XXE
  • Insecure Deserialization attacks
  • Business logic vulnerabilities: step-drop, timing etc.
  • Advanced SQL injections: xp_cmdshell, sp_configure, complex functions. Mitigation.
  • NoSQL injections
  • PHP wrapper injections/file less inclusion
  • Advanced XSS. DOM-based XSS. BeeF framework automation.
Module 12 Cisco Advanced Security
  • Cisco Umbrella DNS Security,architecture and deployment
  • Cisco SecureX orchestration platform, Threat Response solution and architecture, threat hunting
  • Cisco DUO multi-factor authentication

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