Network Security

The course is aimed at network security in all its aspects, internet traffic analysis and preventive activity to protect the network using the CISCO devices

What will you learn during the course?

►Understand the causes and effects of network attacks;
►Detect and prevent different types of network attacks;
►Analyze WiFi networks;
►Deeply understand the CISCO Firepower solution and its capabilities;
►Smoothly finetune the functions and policies;
►Focus on exceptional and critical aspects of analysis of events and incidents;
►Master the best practices of solutions optimization and their efficiency boost.

While finetuning the networks, one can face a number of security problems, which can occur because of the following causes: ► Unawareness or imperfect awareness about the network protocols functioning and possible vectors of attack on them;
► Lack of knowledge about possible attack vectors on databases (non-trivial SQL-injections);
► Improper understanding of the threat vectors for dynamic routing protocols;
► Lack of knowledge and details about the methods of WiFi networks analysis and malicious traffic identification;
► Improper understanding of attacks and methods of unauthorized information obtaining from the WiFi networks. lack of special knowledge about CISCO solutions setup and proper usage;
► Lack of knowledge about the newest CISCO technologies and improper understanding of all aspects of work with them.

The online classes will take place 2 times a week - every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM Kyiv time.




1 month

Available places

14 places

Price (without VAT)


Course curiculum:

  • You will learn how to run target system scans, detect active protocols and services, perform spoofing attacks, MiTM attacks, interrupt and analyze the network traffic
  • You will get acknowledged with methods of counterffeiting the SSL sertificates as well as methods of transfering any traffic of your choice using the ICMP, DNS, or DHCP and HTTP (tunneling)
  • You will learn about the threats of DHCP: hunger, uncontrollable and malicious DHCP servers, DHCP hijacking
  • You will learn how to analyze and detect unauthorized activities in WiFi networks and how to get data from them
  • You will learn how to detect the evil-twin devices and detect the unauthorized access points
  • Also you will understand the attacks on WEP, WPA, WPS, and will manage to identify de-authentification and de-authorization
  • You will learn to operate Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC) and creation of CISCO Firepower devices
  • We will teach you to create policies to control access to Security Intelligence and teach you to conduct file control and create effective protection for malicious programs
  • You will learn about new age network security firewalls by CISCO and peculiarities of operating them
  • We will teach you about policies of network analysis and teach you about detailed analysis methods, as well as network administration

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